Top Five Fave CAD Sessions…

Hey Edward Tech types…

I promised a while back in my post about constructive alignment to write up some of my favourite taught sessions so I thought I’d do a top five with some reasons why I enjoy teaching each…

If you wanna get in the spirit feel free to bang ur fav taught sessions in the comments…

#5 Holly Shaw’s digital gender swap exersise…

So this isn’t one of mine originally, although I have adapted it over the years. When I first started out teaching I was taking a class for an Access course that was over subscribed so Holly (the actual module lecturer) gave me this session to do with group 5. Its an incredible introduction to the power of PS’s retouching capabilities where the class turn a  MR into a MRS over 20 or so steps… I’ve never known it not to be well received and I can’t get over the recurring excitement seeing students imaginations engage as they witness the potential PS offers as a image manipulation tool!

#4 The Tech Tech Icebreaker

I put this session together as part of the online orientation project at LCF. It’s based on the student lead induction pioneered by Nicholas Bowskill (See my Online Orientation reflection post). I set the scene talking a bit about the forthcoming modules and what digital tools we’ll  be exploring but then the session really turns over to the students to talk in groups and feedback around their tech experiences, concerns and hopes. I’ve heard everything from students predicting an app for world peace to an imminent invasion of robot overlords… but the result is the same every time… the session gets a fresh group of year ones talking and engaging and enjoying learning (and they can have their phones out…) – whats not to like?

#3 Mock ups

I talked about this in a recent post so I won’t labour it to much, but essentially who wouldn’t want to learn this stuff and what design student is it not useful to? Its all the slightly tedious stuff done for you and minimum fuss to improve the quality of submission right across the board

#2 Pattern Making PS /AI

I love making patterns! And the great thing about the PS and AI tools sets is they’re both intuitive and fun. I should particularly mention AI here. The object > Pattern > Make tools is off the chart! Its like a bunch of vector / computer / mathematical wizards who like pattern making as much as you do came and made a tool so intuitive and so sensitive to the users requirements that it almost teaches itself. I love these classes. I wish I’d got students to send me the patterns they make with me – I’ve seen so many fresh repeats over the years…

#1 Technical flats!

This is an odd one given my other choices falling into more of a ‘the art of teaching / learning’ sort of  category but I’m just being honest. I love drawing technical flats. I love it. I love vector illustration. I love technical. And I have a super good method based on the teachings of Robin Schnieder augmented with my own ten years of AI and plenty of tips and tricks from LCF and FU colleagues. Are the sessions what the students want? Hell yeah… this is why they came to college! Do we get to draw loads of awesome clothes, fixtures, fittings, zips, buttons and trims? U better believe it! Do we rock the pinafore! U bet ur life we do!


So there you go. The top 5 at 5!

I feel there are some more sessions I’d like to name check but that didn’t make the premiere league here/// maybe I’ll do an ‘also rans’ post..

Until next time…

Keep it Eddy T y’awl!


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