Exploiting Lynda…

Don’t think from the title this is some sort of sketchy sex worker post !P

I’m talking about the excellent, nay, the unparalleled Lynda.com video software tutorial resource.

Now don’t get me wrong. There are many laudable training resources on line and many are open / free so Lynda as a pay for service doesn’t compete in that arena (and if you know me you know I’m all for the open access resources on line…)

…but I have through merit of my employment for the last 6+ years had a Lynda subscription and the quality is amazing. And now the breadth of the resource too. They’ve had to create a course just based around penetrating the sheer wealth of information available around the core adobe applications – lol

Falmouth (and UAL) both subscribe but both organisations are (were) woefully ineffective at  making use of the service.

So that’s my question (questioning blog today!)

How do we better exploit dear Lynda and get her embedded into the classes and curriculum we deliver…?

I’ll come back with some thoughts… and maybe some links to my playlists and favs on the site…

Keep it ET crew!


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