A virtual open day…

A number of colleagues have put it to me… and I support the supposition… that a big issue for Falmouth in terms of recruitment is not the quality of the provision or the campus or any tangible element outside of the distance and difficulty to progress to the most distant outcrop of Cornwall.

I agree.

And feel a little gratified that we overcame the longitude and latitude to get here.

But its a problem. If prospective students could peruse the studio spaces, the workshops, the lecture halls and facilities, the campus grounds, the town and countryside whilst breathing in the fresh Atlantic breeze… hell we’d be over run…!

And I get it.

Cost / Benefit analysis.

I want to see some prospective University options. I could see a whole bunch of campus’ in an urban centre like London, Manchester, or Birmingham with plenty of smaller institutions dotted in between ….

…. or I could travel for the best part of a day to the deepest, darkest South West to see Fal.

But I’m not done.

Why can’t they see Falmouth. Why can’t they see the ends of the British isles and experience the whats on offer here to students?

I’ve been told I can have up to 10k of funding to put toward promoting recruitment this cycle.

Its been suggested I could ‘hand out flyers at craft fairs in the South West’


Not a chance!

Shoving a card stock digital print with a few web addresses and an ‘inspirational’ image on the front isn’t bringing anyone West of the Tamar.

We need to get 21st century on this *#1£, if the Mohammed won’t come to the blinking mountain….

I’ma gonna put me together a proposal to create a virtual open day / video prospectus!


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