Integration anxiety…

I have a recurring nightmare, except its actually real!

Lol – I just found this post title and the first sentence in my drafts folder – and took a minute to remember what it was all about.

The recurring nightmare was about the integration issues surrounding LCFTech and Replay with Moodle (although we sorted out the Replay / Moodle issue before I left LCF)…

Methinks though sadly LCFTech is still marred by the inability to embed the CMS into Moodle – wow – I remember how frustrating the whole issue was… no one had really thought about the system from the user side and by the time I realised the issues that would arise it was way too late!

The problem, oh wary reader, lest ye fall into the same trap, was not with the functionality or effectiveness of LCFTech in its own eco system… it did what it was supposed to above and beyond expectation… and the users who did access it fed back very positively … however, because it didn’t fit into the colleges VLE in a form that Academics could embed its content to support students using Moodle it didn’t matter how useful its information was / could have been… the uptake wasn’t there…

Maybe I’m wrong and the guys in LTS got it working – I should call up and find out where it’s at…

Funny seeing this a year and a half on though – it still bothers me we never got it to gel… it could have been such an awesome tool.

And there’s a lesson there learning tekkers !

Never over look integration!

Keep it Edward T y’all!


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