Starting Fresh in a new digital landscape episode 2….

I quit my job back in December and in January started in a new post at the Falmouth University (I didn’t go far…) Fashion and Textiles Institute as a (wait for it .. super long job title) Senior Technician for Graphics, Film and Web.

Which has ment I’ve had to give back my institutionally loaned Mac Book and ipad in order to get another identical institutionally loaned Mac Book and ipad 🙂

So a perfect opportunity to test the usefulness of my previous ‘fresh start digital landscape’ post from October.

Has all my consolodation of passwords and selection of tools, software and apps paid off and have I ‘transcended’ to ‘cloud living’.

Short answer … Yes!

More or less.

Set up this time was much quicker – less than a day all told.

I had to download a few things and change a few settings but in the mainstay I was just able to follow my instructions and was fully loaded – between Chrome and the CC desktop manager… my files are all on various clouds, my task lists and emails and all that synced nicely and I’m generally up and running.

And yesterday I got a third monitor – battle station fully operational!

Happy days 🙂

The next step is a bit trickier… now I’ve got all this running ‘under the hood’ and now that I’m teaching again… I want my students to run the same set ups… or at least to have something similar set up so that when I’m running through activities they can follow my workflow…

… and I wonder what provision is in place for e-portfolio / blogging / online submissions are in place here…?

Sounds like a trip to central IT is looming…


[Stay tuned for the next post … Adventures into the Falmouth University digital ecosystem : Quest for the student online tool set …. featuring contributions from the Association of Learning Technologists [ALT] mailing list !!!

Till thence… keep it Edward Tech… x


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