British Telecom BT Openreach

British Telecom Rock / Welcome to Cornwall …. Last internet till mainland America….

Wow – January went by pretty quick didn’t it?

Well here we are in February and the SW is still… you guessed it… wet and windy 😛

I’ve been a bit digitally disabled because I have not home internet thanks to the well documented poor service provision down in the Duchy.

The British Telecom / Open reach arrangement that seems to underpin this process (my order has been delayed by 2 months at the time of writing) is a master stroke in the science of conducting business badly.

BT, by internally contracting it’s subsidiary company (Open reach) can evade any acknowledged liability by blaming OR whenever they fail to meet the dates they set out for connection.

We’ve had 10 such missed appointments.

Another stroke of genius on the part of BT (a telecommunications company mark you)… is their refusal to call customers back.

In all our recent dealings I have had to contact BT on every missed appointment.

They also cancelled my order mid way through and raised a new order with out asking me…. now when I speak to them they reckon I only order on the 26th of January…. this is a very smart way of ensuring your orders get fulfilled in a timely manner … just cancel the ones you don’t manage to deliver on.

Queue times range from 10 – 45 minutes. During which time a ladies voice repeatedly tells you how much quicker this would be if you would just go online and do it. It makes me smile to imagine how many people’s blood must boil listening to that sage advice.

Once you get through to a representative you have to hold while they call Open Reach to find out what’s happpened. Then they report back to you. You can’t talk to the OR team. How clever is that?

Clever. That’s how clever.

Yesterday when I spoke to them they iced the cake with this gem of customer service provision.

Ad: Hi – I had an appointment today? What a go on?

BT: You should have received a call to confirm the appointment?

Ad: I didn’t receive a call or an answer phone message or a text?

BT: Well you should have received the call?

Ad: But you didn’t call…?

BT: Not withstanding the fault is with you as you should have received the call?

Ad: …. but … but …

BT: It takes two people to have a telephone call … believe us we’re telecommunications experts.

Ad: Ok BT you win this round….


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