A trip to the Knowledge Spa : Truro + MyProgress

Fresh off the ‘Night time Riviera’ sleeper train from London I headed to the Knowledge Spa in Truro where some of the University of Exeter Medical School (UEMS) students are based.KNOWLEDGE SPAMy K Spa counterpart Jon Toomey had invited me up to see the facility and let me join in on a assessment tool test : the myprogress app.

myprogress is essentially a form builder which allows examiners to complete an observations checklist for each student on a tablet device as an alternative to paper based reporting. The results can then be exported to a centralised database avoiding transcriptions.
We were on hand to make sure the users could operate the app and to collect feedback.

In general this was good, although there were concerns raised around:

  • The digital literacy of some of the examiners.
  • it was felt that the app could have be developed with an improved interface so that accidental slips were less likely (this was most attributed to slider bars as opposed to check boxes for multiple choice questions.
  • Backing up completed forms.
  • Making the “save’ function very prominent.
  • Time for integrating the app and training staff.

In the way these things sometimes are, the actual testing was carried out behind closed doors so we essentially waited and talked about the broader goals of the project until the examiners had finished. However we can infer from this that at least the app was user friendly enough not to illicit the need for hands on support on the day.

It was fun to go to work in a hospital… we had a good laugh when we spotted the two characters in the featured image of this post sat in the next waiting room – very life like! But I resisted the urge to try and get any free medical advice!

Will keep you updated on myprogress developments as they happen… we have a test scheduled at Penryn in December.

Keep it Ed tech!


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