DeL conference… Hybrid Ecology Framework

Whoosh – who’s ready for a future tech overload…?!

After watching some colleagues flying a gyrocopter with a headset designed to pick up electronic impulses in the brain and exert thrust when thoughts = attentive / meditative states we were treated to a slide show of devices that integrate virtual reality and analogue elements to enhance perception.

That makes the content sound very dull.

Essentially it was a crazy whistle stop tour of a a bunch of tech and / or people / activities delivering enriched experiences / the gadget show on meth. Here are some of the ones I liked:

  • guaranteed out of body ascension.
  • guaranteed lucid dreaming.
  • a belt you could wear that lets you ‘instinctively’ feel where magnetic north is (if worn for 5 weeks you could take it off and you would still know innately where N is for the rest of your life.
  • patterns that if looked at for too long would interfere with your vision for up to three months.
  • Computer games that draw blood (and subsequently donate it to a blood bank) when you are shot.
  • Linked VR / Oculus headsets tuned to allow for the illusion of living in someone elses body.
  • A guy who was going to do that for a month (with a 3 day lag) on the experiences of his vessel.
  • A temperature self control wrist watch which alters your experience of temperature rather than heating or cooling the room.
  • 3rd person camera mountings interfaced with headsets for 3rd person experience / birds eye view.
  • People who plugged in (all meals delivered, never leave the house etc)
  • Smart phones mapping and modelling local 3d environments.
  • minority report style interfaces powered by unity.

So many crazy plug in / wearable things I was pretty much mind blown by halfway through. If I remember more things I’ll add them but equally if you can think of anything please add to comments.

All this with a good splattering of ethical concern and critical comment and the nice gent delivering the presentation has been awarded a mega 3m euro grant to expand his own research and development of a surgery / specialist experience experiencing system (a system that can capture and play back the attnetion, activitiies and environmental inputs of an activity so as a novice could learn through the more direct experience of the specialist.

Here’s the blurb from the session

Hybrid Ecology Framework Workshop

  • Carl Smith Ravensbourne


The materiality of digital technology and how it alters and transforms the physical world is rapidly increasing. Hybrid ecologies are being formed through the convergence of these physical and the digital realms. This workshop is concerned with the technological extension of the human condition through the investigation of the ethical use of emerging technologies to enhance human and cognitive capacities. The role that this evolving hybrid ecology plays in the construction and transformation of the socio-cognitive identity will be examined.


The session will start with the exploration of Hybrid (VR and AR) technologies to enhance our perception and help us see, hear, and feel our environments in new and enriched ways. During the second half of the workshop we will create resources, collaborative processes and methodologies for the design of hybrid (analogue and digital) interventions.


The core problem is how to (re)design a workable balance between digital and analogue modes of interaction. Without thoughtful design, digital interventions are simply distracting people away from meaningful engagement with the learning opportunities and social situations that they are actually designed to augment. This workshop will enable the exploration of potential methodologies, structures and actions between the participants. The overall intention is to use hybrid technologies, techniques and methodologies to deeply analyze how a Hybrid Ecology Framework can be developed.


The take away will include the Hybrid Ecology Framework which will evolve in relation to the following questions: How can we draw a structure, ethics and sustainability of interdisciplinary hybrid unification? How can hybrid technological devices, of often-prosthetic alienation, help us to reconnect to ourselves and to the surrounding environment? How can technology direct us to unify the body with the surrounding space, whether physical or virtual? How can we find an appropriate balance in this hybrid environment?


This workshop will look beyond augmented reality to the latest hybrid technologies and techniques that are enabling a new era of Sensory Augmentation, Perceptual Adaptation and Context Engineering. The ability to alter our senses and develop entirely new ones provides us with the possibility of creating new forms of pedagogy and knowledge. The outcomes of the session will be distributed amongst the participants and placed online.

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