…and Grammarly!

…and while I’m blogging about new things I’m using… check this out!

Grammarly have created an add-in / tool for those of us who are less good at the grammatical workings of the English language. The basic option is free and once you install it as a chrome extension you find little red and green lines appearing under your text as you type (kind of like we are used to in word).

When you hover you get a number of options as to what you might like to do about the grammatical error (if anything?) and an explanation of what bad grammar was highlighted

They also have an online tool that you can run your documents through to grammar check them.


In writing this blog it’s corrected me about six times, lol!


Hmmm… although maybe don’t jump the shark just yet… the Grammarly widget is bit grindy in some text entry boxes….

Form filling it might make awkward…

or maybe my connection is slow…


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