Technicians V&A / Chelsea BA away day

A fun day out and as always lovely to catch up with so many technical colleagues across the college.

The V&A’s keynote was interesting and it was exciting to think we will be partnered with them in ‘conquering’ the cultural wasteland of Stratford. (We probably shouldn’t call it that but I just calls it as I see’s it)

But anyways – the gent speaking definitely made it seem like they would welcome engagement with LCF and the other organiusations going into the park.

A great tour from Colin (our volunteer tour guide) round the museum, inspiring and thought provoking – it really reminded me how personal our engagement and experience of these sorts of cultural / heritage silos are.

And then on to Chelsea for the BA show.

I didn’t hate the show but the CHelsea building definitely needs a fresh coat of paint and a clean up. I think its a problem with ‘art’ spaces… getting arty in them we usually end up leaving them kind mucky and after years that takes its toll. There are so many marks of ‘history’ on the walls and floors that they over power the work – the heritage speaks louder than the current cohort…

Still a fun trip.

And rounded off the day saying ‘bon voyage and good fortune’ to a man who has become an LCF / UAL legend – Callum Dean moving onto pastures new… at the LCC student bar. 🙂


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