Stratford futures Pt 3 or ‘How tall is this building actually going to be!?’

So yesterdays All Staff update at the Stratford Olympic Park Podium centre was an interesting event.

I like the idea that we will be visiting the site for more events and meetings over the course of the 5 year lead up.

I was also excited to see the new FAS4ION badge (but I can’t find it anywhere on line 😦 )

And the rhetoric about engaging and entering into he community seems absolutely on point.

And to hear about the project planning from GJ (albeit he was a bit verbose!) and again the ideas around integrating our facilities and services seem absolutely on point.

And it was a treat to see London from the top of the red thing.

However, much as I would like to be hugely enthusiastic, I still feel I have reservations about the move.

Looking at the site which as the V&A and FC have both noted is both big and small at the same time and knowing we are going to be sharing with 3 other partner organisations (and that the watercolour we have seen is really showing the V&A’s building and that LCF is in a much more office blocky building behind the towers) I guess the best way to summarise my concerns is :

Just how tall is this building going to be?

Pretty damn tall is what the answer seems likely to be. To fit 4.5k + of students and another 500 staff plus all the equipment we need and a bit f space for breathing… there doesn’t seem to be a huge footprint to work in horizontally so by process of elimination we must go up?



Also I agree with the idea we don’t follow in CSM’s foot steps and create a huge spectacle with little or no consideration for the user, however to go too far and create a reactionary entirely functional space would be just as bad…

Anyway , as with my last 2 Stratford posts I’m just jotting down ideas, only time will tell…


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