Ok so I may have changed my mind… Slack <3


…and not just because these slack socks are now available to buy 🙂

A couple of friends who work outside UAL for two different start ups are also using Slack in their teams…

…and they turned me on to a couple of features I didn’t know were in the set:

1. Custom loading messages… the generic ‘hows it slacking’ type of greetings slack puts on the screen when loading I found were not to my liking… but now I discover you can personalize these… even better no one in the team has worked this out so I’ve got free reign until they do to put in some funnys!

2. Slackbot responses… it turns out slackbot isn’t just a mindless page for me to type abstract abusive threats at… it can be set up to auto respond when one of the team types a word… again as far as I know I’m the first to discover this feature… ooh the fun!

3. There is some emoji editing capabilities… I have yet to investigate.

So a surprise comeback for slack…

We shall see. We shall see….


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