Had a great time with Team Video at the opening of the BA show in Shoreditch yesterday.

Plenty of set up time, rehearsals and 2 shows meant we had everything tight for the live stream in the evening.

Its the first time I’ve been responsible for a camera at a show and also the first time I’ve done camera work for a stream so interesting new experience. Really enjoyed working with Nick, Ash, Alex, Ollie, Kenny and Renzo in conjunction with the LCF events team (and just about everyone else from the college – or at least that’s what it felt like – having all the BA courses in one venue at one time created a very busy exciting environment).

The runway was a very interesting shape / configuration, the only down side to this was the number of awesome camera angles we didn’t have enough cameras to cover all the angles, we ended up taking the ‘big’ shots and although I see why this was a necessary ‘evil’ it was a shame that some great perspectives were missed from fixed point installations. R did move around so hopefully we got some of the odd ones too.

The other thing I really enjoyed was the building – a bit of a flash back for me. It was ‘partied’ heavily around the turn of the century and I’d spent many evenings exploring it. It was something of a relief that it had been thoroughly cleaned up for the show and that the raved in smell had been expunged but it was nice every now and then to find a little overlooked reminder of its past indiscretions 🙂

All in all I think it is a great idea t o package up all the BA stuff together like this, I hope (and I’m sure it will be the case) that this practice continues and that other UAL colleges get on the wagon with similar shows.















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