The Technical Exchange Program : An idea on the back of the CCW Live Capture Installation Consultancy Visits

After comparatively straight forward installs of the Live Capture equipment the nice people at HEIF let us buy with the bid money last year we’ve turned our attention back to CCW’s installs. I had been to rekky / spec for the installs (going into each college’s main lecture spaces – one for Chelsea, one for Camberwell and one for Wimbledon) earlier this year with Chris S. who was to oversee the project from the CCW end of things. Somewhere along the line CS seems to have retired rather suddenly (literally almost mid email) and the project got somewhat derailed. Now the dust has settled we are back at the coal face again and today revisited C and C (with W tomorrow) to re-rekky and re-spec with PP and OF.

So that’s a thing but maybe not worthy of a blog post.

But in the course of visiting the sites again and meeting the new project liaisons something more note worthy did arise.

As we’re installing and eventually supporting the technology for LC we’ve been inviting the local CCW techs to come over to see how the set up looks in its ‘finished’ and this got me thinking how we should do more of that sort of thing – an isolated technician is undoubtedly a less effective technician, we don’t share best practice as widely as I think we should and we could be benefiting more from our communities knowledge.

This is something that could also improve a continuity of service across the colleges too.

Straw poll – who’d be up for an exchange to work at another college?


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