Stratford futures

LTS recently put out a call for inspirations / input into the Stratford LCF development.

My first thoughts were about runways, something you would think would be central to a fashion college. I found some great futuristic pics of a top shop runway:

and this one  from Z Zenga’s Milaneese HQ:

and this :

and :

and :

The idea of a really exciting runway space at the centre of the university seemed like too good an opportunity to miss.

Further more the idea that the space could be really optimised for multi media playback and recording. An opportunity to create an environment where integrated live capture, recording, streaming, all the stuff that we struggle to do with our current ‘bolt on’ infrastructure would really be the holy grail.

However in further discussion on this point an interesting observation surfaced.

Increasingly the standard approach for MA, BA and other high level runway events is to use external venues, much in the vein of LFW where the designers and outlets install their runways in exciting spaces for the show creating unique one off environments.

In light of this having a runway central to the college makes less sense. Anything installed in 2020 even with the most forward thinking design would look dated by 2025.

I am persuaded a better approach is to focus on the infrastructure and leave the ‘canvas’ blank, modifiable and adjustable.

The spaces we create should all be set up in such a way that multimedia playback and recording, interaction and streaming is accessible from all angles, 360 degree AV integration with scope to adapt to future technologies and approaches, while the spaces themselves should be modular, adaptable and blank.

So in other words, the right approach to the Stratford development is not to create a fixed runway space but rather to treat the whole building as a potential runway.

As a member of our team put it – the college is the runway.


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