‘So we are trying slack… tbh I don’t see much difference in the way our team communicates at all.’

Slack is a sort of private chat / forum / thread application for organisations to conduct their communications through. I’m always interested to try these sorts of communication platform. I enjoy communicating. I like to talk. (see Bob Hoskins) But I thinkĀ that although that suits my learning / working style it doesn’t fit many of my colleagues preferred modus opperandi. So platforms like this quickly become a staging ground for conversations between the same communicative members of the team (conversations that were going on and would go on whatever platform we adopted) while the people who get on with their work quietly continue to do so.

Don’t get me wrong. Its a nice app. It oozes all that IT professional styling and language (this changes everything – inspirational music) and it has plenty of customer testimonials, but all that stuff is just template now a days IMHO… your marketting team wouldn’t be earning their keep if they weren’t churning that stuff out… question is whether the claims are true?

Maybe I’m being too quick to judge… we’ve been using it for a fortnight, but based on the initial uptake it doesn’t feel like its revolutionizing our communication.

Its also a bit disheartening that there never seem to be many lights on…

I’ll continue to engage on the slack front, but I increasingly I don’t believe the hype.


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