App Chat : Debrief

After lots of painstaking planning and nervousness I ran my ‘App Chat’ staff development sessions across the LCF sites last week..

I probably didn’t need to be as nervous as I was as in the end only 4 people in total attended 😛

I think the timing and advertising of the sessions needs work for future iterations but I will definitely try to run them again maybe next academic year… just with better promotion.

That said the session at JPS (which had 3 attendees) was productive.

It was clear the staff who did attend were keen to talk about not just mobile devices but broader IT and learning technology at work and beyond. It was an interesting conversation with examples of best practice, experiences of the changing landscape of IT and digital cultures shared and discussed. No one actually presented an app, we just talked about how we used our tablets, laptops and so on both in teaching (although there were no academics, just admin and support staff) and in other work tasks. Office 365 was discussed as well as mutual help with where to find resources and support for other services. The informality of the setting and the non prescriptive starting point I think enabled this free ranging user led conversation, although it presented me with an interesting challenge in the role as facilitator, needing to ‘jump start’ the discussion and steer it back onto some sort of track if we tangent-ed too far.

I think more staff would be enthusiastic to have the opportunity to talk informally like this if they were aware of the sessions.

The other attendee was at GL on the Friday, almost after I had completely given up for the day!

Funnily enough this staff member was the only person (of the 4) to bring an app to showcase! And what an app… I had kind of secretly been hoping that the ‘yield’ of the sessions would be a great app solution to A&D teaching issues and this ‘nearly didn’t run’ met that brief completely.

Looxcie – a bluetooth head cam app that allows students to stream the head cam to their devices and record the technicians eye view of demonstrations… just the sort of thing that might be used in conjunction with Live Capture to give a real A&D live capture experience worth recording….

Unfortunately the app and camera have been discontinued! Lol.

But at least the window of possibility is left open. We’ve been talking about investing in some wireless head cameras. This discovery reinvigorates my enthusiasm to do that. Seeing a local technician making this happen in isolation encourages me to think surely we can sort it out with the backing of LTS and the momentum of the live capture project.

So a positive note to end on.

We’ll see where it goes from here 🙂


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