New Staff Inductions

Super pleased with my new Learning Technology Support segment of the new staff inductions….

I’ve been working towards a flipped / more interactive model, getting away from just reeling off a bunch of service information (which is now all contained in the LCF Staff Orientation course on Moodle) and incorporating iPads and the Socrative App (a sort of quiz / polling app) to create a bit more engagement and some inclusiveness for participants…

This approach let me do a general introduction to the departments services and function and then which let me pose some simple techy questions about what devices staff are using, what tech they find useful / easy and where they have tech troubles. With the iPad hooked to the projector I was able to show the live results and use their answers as a talking point to illustrate the kind of support and advice LTS makes available.

Ironically the only real trouble I had was getting myself plugged in as the VGA input on the lectern was loose and hard to get a good iPad picture, but I kind of made a bit of fun about it, like it was an example in point of why we need a LTS department at UAL 😛


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