A blended streaming model ?!

Should we be streaming our students in terms of their digital literacy / ability – catering for a full range in one class results in the going to fast for some / too fast for others and means we can’t tailor the classes to a particular level.

I think that would go part way to better serving students of differing abilities. But its only half the picture. Even within similar ability bands students amy favor different learning styles. On might learn very well independently and use class time to collaborate / receive specialised support, whilst another may¬†prefer to be taught skills in a face to face environment and expand their creative practice outside of class…

So what…?

This streamed approach could then be offered as a ‘self configured’ blending… lets expand on that… a student could choose to do the ‘technical skills’ aspect of the software through guided Lynda / online resource activities and use class time for creative application / projects. Or they could choose the opposite. Taught face to face skills. Application of skills (toward submission / unit completion) outside of class.

Then we’d end up with a break down of different ability bands and within those bands two different approaches to blended learning…

I’m sure ultimately you would want to remix the groups as they became more proficient and engaged, hopefully allowing for peer learning and the benefits of collaboration… but I think the blend / stream strategy might be a good way of initially being as inclusive / accessible to a wide range of students from differing backgrounds in the early stages of a course.

Could this principal be expanded to non software based disciplines… yes absolutely I think it could but with tweaking to accomodate the different sorts of media resources relevant to the subject.


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