…and we were that goon!



So one of our LTS colleagues has just gone to Holland to a large looking trade show for Learning Environments technologies… the debate in the office… is the show too product / corporate focused? (And is that necessarily a bad thing?)

This has brought back memories of my visits to similar shows to ‘scope out’ tech with our previous learning environments manager. Making the right connections and eventually purchases at these events is key… where the university invests its money tech wise can make the difference between a well equipped lecture space that is functional and accessible and a room equipped with a VTRON unit….

As far as ‘is the corporate nature of these events’ a bad thing arguement… I personally don’t think so. Companies bring the tech to market. Developer conferences have their place, but robust industrial / digital solutions run the world and the college needs them to deliver a proper service.

I guess my point is… there is great tech out there and the good products are at these shows but there are also guys who have rubbish… whether they know it or not, and they are out there hawking too. They’d loved to seal the deal on 12 VTRONS…. and worse, if you are the guy who buys the 12 VTRONS, next time is every VTRON salesman looking for your business… because you are that goon.

OR in other words, maybe we should be thinking and consulting more on our tech buying process….


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