Where are we going with this Lecture Capture business?

The ‘technical’ challenges to delivering Lecture Capture are slowly falling.

Which increasingly leads me to think … what are we going to do with LC now its (kind of) working?

We’re in the process of putting together a case for the Executive Group or some other panel of deciscion makers / road mappers / purse string holders and tbh it’s quite gratifying looking back on the project and mapping the narratives of  uptake from staff and students across the early adopters and LCF’s busy events programmes.

But nothing we’ve captured / published so far in my mind really justifies the expenditure and development of the system.

Don’t get me wrong. Its exciting we can do what can do (Scheduling remote recordings, multiple feeds, automating uploads, publishing to the web channel etc).

But its what we could be doing that seems more interesting.

  • ‘The flipped classroom’ – Lecturers recording content in advance… publishing to the channel and students watching the content prior to the lesson… this would enable the face to face time in class to be better spent in discussion / group activity. There’s also a bundle of ‘inclusivity’ goodness in making the material available ahead of time for your dyslexics, non native English speakers and so on….
  • Briefings and inductions… one of the most viewed vids on Replay (ATM) is the Kering brief – an industry project involving about 1000 students… A great source of reference for students and a real time saver for the staff who don’t have to repeat the same stuff over and over again….
  • User controlled Lecture Capture – This is like the Ultimate thing for me at the moment… Our system is a sort of conceptual copy / overlay of the sort of LC systems other HE institutions like Manchester are using. Scheduling recordings, kind of assuming that a class timetabled between 10 and 11 will be 1 hour of solid learning content delivery and make a good recording for future reference.So far from what I’ve seen very little content comes out like that. The format just doesn’t fit the A&D teaching and learning model very well. Its great for events but it isn’t really any more than just having a fixed camera position to record a media file from.Where I think the future lies is in putting the controls in the hands of the lecturers / technicians. If we had a record button on the lectern then the teacher could record the bits that did fit the format, their briefing, their explanation of how to submit and then stop the recording when the session switched to group discussion, brain storming or practical work.This would also improve engagement with the recording… we’ve had a lot of trouble with people not wearing mics, not being in camera shot etc.

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