The online orientation connundrum

The feedback from the Moodle Online Inductions we ran in lieu of providing traditional face to face inductions was like 99% positive, I mean, insanely positive, from over 700 respondents.

Thumbs up right?

But in which case why are students still asking for help to use the print system, looking at you blankly when you talk about LCFTech or Lynda or Replay etc…?

I know that some of those who obviously haven’t done the induction are in year 2 and 3, but there are plenty of first years who seem to have slipped through too…

Don’t get me wrong… I think the online orientation course approach is the right one but I think we need to be using it as part of a more joined up / blended approach.

Maybe if we ran face to face inductions for students once they had completed the online course, using the face to face time to facilitate discussion and engagement with Learning Technology at UAL and give them a chance to ask questions.


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