Lcftech continues to be a headache!

Despite the site (which was launched over 2 years ago) being content rich and containing the majority of current technical resources and facilities information it feels like we’re still stuck at the same brick wall that has impeeded uptake from right back when we started.

The inability to deep link directly to content from Moodle and Workflow turns it from being a great super useful resources site into being an almost pointless one!

Don’t get me wrong, there are some excellent examples of good practice, for example at Golden Lane where it gets used by students and staff, but on the other end of things there are departments not using it at all.

And I don’t really blame anyone.

It’s not unreasonable not to invest in a resource that isn’t integrated. Moodle is supposed to be the VLE after all. And there is only so many times you can expect people to sign into satellite sites.

But so… don’t let it get you down, chin up, persevere etc etc.

  • Andrew C. and I looked at an http://referer work around (but we can’t get into the source code of the site :P) so that probably is a dead end.
  • Turns out there is a recent LTI tool published for EE. That would be a more elegant and safer solution to give access to students.
  • If that doesn’t work …. maybe its time to bring in some hired help…

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