Final class session discussion and reflection…

The final session of the TDP unit was a informal seminar / discussion where myself and other ‘TDP’ers showed our project summaries, talked about our experiences and discussed with the rest of the group in a general free for all of ideas sharing.

I’ve made some notes on each project and the surrounding chat.

Victoria Kelley.

A really interesting project about encouraging more equal levels of participation during seminars. A perfect start to the day as it was helpful for me to reflect that I should try and listen a bit more rather than just speaking the first things that come into my head and dominating the discussion which I can be a bit prone to doing… Also interesting response to ideas of inclusivity…


Marilyn Rainey.

Marilyns project was to migrate and redesign her courses VLE from BB to Moodle. Seemed like a huge amount of really rigorous work, surveying student opinion on all aspects of the informational and behavioural architecture of the new and old site, what did they want from it, what formats should be supported, very detailed. Even more impressive as M is a bit of a self confessed technophobe, but I think that makes her work more valid… information technology should be exclusive to computer savvy users, infact it should benefit those who are least digitally literate the most (if it done correctly) so I think in some ways her approach is even more valid than that of a experienced site designer as her aims and results are tailored to how to get the information displayed in the best light, not coloured by observations or issues with coding or interface….


Anna Sorenson.

Made a really beautiful ‘art peice’ summary! A+! Looking at encouraging critical reflection in graphics students. Raised issues of transitioning from physical hand ins to digital…. the importance of not loosing the tactile / real in the transition. The pros and cons of this in terms of assessment, ease of access but not so ‘real’….

Johars Window  ( in this case critical reflection) :

Open – understand something and do it

Closed – understand something and don’t do it

Blind – no understanding but doing it anyway

No – no understanding and not doing it!


Matthew Richardson – couldn’t be in attendance … made a very nice button based summary… we posed some Q’s via email. Probably pretty entry level questions TBH but this showed the limitations of the ‘summary’ format in terms of representing ones work in this forum, u really needed to talk a bit about it too.


Ellen Nolan.

Looking at editing a photograph – from the shoot, through to the digital editing process. Interesting but to my mind her action research question wasn’t really AR, a bit to general.

Had some good ideas,particularly about getting photography students to show their edit process to the class, tacit processes made more explicit, shared methodolgys. Also talked about Brookfeilds 4 lens (peer, student, colleague and autobiographical) of reflection.

TBH thogh the lack of solid AR question made the debate a bit unfocused.


Liz Dodsworth.

I’ve been quite engaged with Liz’s project as I work with her. Interesting ideas about priming students for learning aids, not just showing them…. asking situational questions…. encouraging students not just to be passive but create dialogue…. She’s also done a great visual aid for hand ins…. We talked a bit about a cookbook with no words and how it would be better with strong visual prompts reinforced by words. Also issues of accessing video tutorials for a ‘snippet’ of information…


This side tracked into the my percieved need for a UNIFIED CORE CONCEPT / FRANCHISE / HOUSE Style approach to this sort of UAL learning content….


Finally my project discussion gave me some interesting leads to follow in terms of development.

Paul Tabak from CLTAD is looking at similar visual depictions for Moodle. :

The savannah university of the arts in the US is something I should check out too.

And some ideas about copyrighting information in these online resources situations.


Really nice to have the group together for the day (although it was quite a long session. Great debate / discussion). I will miss the TDP crew!


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