Writing the report and creating the summary….

This was a really interesting exersise.

Breaking down the project into a scientific experiment sort of structure with rational, aims, theoretical supporting material, method, results, analysis and conclusion really fitted my approach to thinking about this sort of work.

It focused me on the whys, the hows and the whats of this sort of action research and encouraged rigor.


The summary was a good extension of this process.

Initially I thought 3 minutes would be ages. I tried just talking sort of conscious stream of thought approach but ended up 10 minutes in and without having got past my initial reasoning. I am long winded at the best of times and probably wasted 3 minutes just saying er in between real sentences.

So the stream lining this information was a good challenge as it made me really condense what i had to say and just pick the most important bits.

I still recorded it ‘freehand’ but in several takes and with some rough condensed notes.

I adopted a rough, amateur style to the video as I didn’t want flashy effects or additional sound tracks or the like to detract from the content.

I then added some punctuation with some still images, some directly relevant, some more illustrative of concepts and few that were just a bit of fun to add a little light relief.

I’m pleased with both the report and the summary.



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