With a ‘working’ version of the map ready to circulate for feedback I prepared my questionnaire and the consent forms, created a covering e mail, added a number of recipients (who had previously agreed to participate or worked in my department), hit send and waited.

And waited.

And waited.


I did recieve one response from a colleague (who happened to be on the APP course too) and one from a student / friend.

My colleagues feedback was super considered and very helpful. The students feedback was also helpful but she pointed out that she would have been more comfortable completing a more multiple choice type of document and that I might get more feedback from students if I presented it like this….

So I thought I can’t get a worse response… what the hey…

The survey I created is here :

Thankfully this time I got a much better response. The multiple choice format did mean that some of the answers were more ‘directed’ than if there had been a free response format, but I included text inputs for answers outside the scope of suggested responses.

Survey monkey was also great for tabulating responses and giving me statistics in number and graphic formats.


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