Some Word documents relating to the TDP project thus far…

Original project proposal :

Adam Grice Teaching development project 100513.1

A bit late in the day for this – TBH I hadn’t thought to upload it until now although it was submitted months ago – lol. It’s a good reminder for me though of exactly the aims and scope of the project as we come to the end phase of the unit…


UAL ethics / Consent form for respondents with suggested amendments annotated by Lindsay Jordan :

Grice – form annotations

This was an interesting exersise, it gave me pause for thought about the ethical implications of including others opinions in research of this kind. Although the scale of the TDP exersise is small if I was to undertake similar action research with a wider catchment issues with confidentiality / privacy might well arise if I hadn’t taken sensible precautions to guard against them. Lindsays annotations illustrate how important choosing one’s words correctly are.


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