Information about different UAL web services / tools / sites

Ok – bit of a cliff of text coming up – I can see this information is going to need some serious condensing / organising if it’s going to be useful to anyone but better to start with too much and thin down than not have enough and try and bulk it out…., an open practice online community for sharing art, design and media practice based learning and teaching, the site is open to anyone to encourage open communities of practice between individuals, groups, and institutions worldwide.
Log in using your UAL user & password or if your not a member of UAL please create a new account. We are looking into shibboleth for all universities and colleges.
ALTO is the place where staff and students from across the University of the Arts London share learning resources with the global learning community.
Workflow is a portfolio system which allows you to create custom web pages, and gives you complete control over page sharing.
Workflow is ideal for documenting your projects, collaborating, or sharing work in progress privately with friends or a tutor.
Share your work online.
Document your projects.
Create an online CV.
Design and display web pages.
Store your media files on the web and access them from any computer.
Collaborate with individuals or in groups.
Network across colleges and courses.
Your own online file repository – store your files in the cloud.
Customisable page layouts. (With more layout options coming in a future update.)
Complete control over privacy and sharing of files and pages.
Profile pages, friending and personal messaging.
Direct image uploads from iPhone and Android phones.
Embed external web content – Flickr, Tumblr, Issuu, Twitter, etc.
Anyone can make public or private user groups for collaboration, discussion and sharing of files.
And much more.
The gallery on the front page of workflow shows recent image-based content from pages which have sharing set to ‘public’.
The gallery of Profile Pages also only shows profiles which have sharing set to ‘public’. (By default, Profile Pages are only accessible to logged-in users.)
If you want your work to appear in the gallery, please give your page a ‘public’ share setting.
About Us
Commonplace has been created by current and graduating students at University of the Arts London (UAL) to give you some friendly, practical tips and advice on preparing for university success and getting the most out of the big city. We hope it will answer some of the questions you might have about starting uni that no one has been able to answer- until now!
Who made this?
The design, look and feel of commonplace was undertaken by five Design for Graphic Communication students at London College of Communication (LCC); Joe, Ella, Gosia, Alex and Anna worked with Paul and Siobhan, the web designer and project coordinator. All of the content is submitted by students from across UAL. Thank- you contributors!
How to get involved
This is your website, so we need your contributions. We’ll be posting a monthly call for contributions (a recipe, a cheap eats review, student profile…) with a chance to grab a £10 Amazon voucher if your work is published on the site. We are also looking for commonplace champions to tell students about the website. It will involve some email communication, a get together once a term to help plan events and generally have fun developing commonplace! If you would like to be a commonplace champion for your college, please email the team on Note: Getting involved is a great way to network with other students and have your work seen by loads of people.
Creative Commons
We don’t have any mysterious aesthetic criteria for choosing the work; we have a very open policy (that’s the point!) and in the spirit of openness and sharing, we’re using a creative commons licence to protect your work and the work of others. By uploading your work, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of commonplace and acknowledge our take down policy.
The name explained
Commonplace came about after a discussion about Joe’s Final Major Project research into commonplace books. These were an early (16th-18th Century) kind of scrap book in which people recorded recipes, formulas and prose on a theme or interest. We thought it seemed like a great name for our student focused, one-stop knowledge sharing shop on coming to and settling successfully at university.
UAL’s blogging website with password protection, wordpress blogs, groups and forums. 

Showtime is University of the Arts London’s online gallery featuring up and coming artists and designers.


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