TDP Project Journal : Preparing for the proposal peer review…

As I’ve outlined in previous posts my main issue is not identifying problems – they are coming out of the wood work lol – but settling on a problem that fits the TDP’s scale and criteria.

I think I’ve narrowed it down to three options :

  1. Creating a resource explaining the interdependence and workflow associated with office and design software to improve student understanding and use of these tools. We commonly face issues with students using the wrong tool for the job when undertaking design challenges. This is something I feel could be countered with better explanation and documentation of the tools available. This is something that is lacking from the current provision for teaching at the university and was identified by students in the questionnaire.
  2. Mapping the online landscape of UAL to provide better accessibility for students and staff and encourage more appropriate resource use. UAL has a broad and sometimes bewildering number of online resources, as a staff member here for six years I am still regularly finding new resources. This option is particularly appealing to me as I like ‘overview’ or bigger picture projects and crave organisation where I find chaos (lol). I think it also deals with a lot of widening participation issues and addresses digital literacy issues students from all backgrounds may have.
  3. A guide to using workflow. Workflow is great but as our APP group found, some users had difficulty getting to grips with it. There is some helpful support material but a guide that takes people through getting started might be useful.

We’ll see what the APP peer review board think…


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