TDP Project Journal : Brainstorming

Attendance : We offer workshops in computer skills throughout term time in computer open access. Because these are non compulsory for students turn out is low. One factor that contributes to this could be that the workshops are advertised a long time in advance and so students book on to the classes before they fully understand their work load and commitments. There is no negative consequence for non attendance.

Digitial overload : There are just too many digital tools and resources available to staff and students. Wikis, websites, Forums, blogs, portfolios, tweets, social media sites, computers, tablets, phones, software, apps. What is useful? What do we need? What do we use? Should the university take  more responsibility guiding / coordinating its members in best practice / what to use? Is the universities digital provision sufficient? Is it accessible?

Group work : Over the course of the APP I’ve noticed we are often encouraged to talk in pairs about something we have just had explained often in context of our own experience or practice. This has the dual benefit of engaging us with the lesson content and giving an opportunity to clear up any misunderstanding (two students are more likely to come forward with a question if they don’t understand or agree on something?). Could I incorporate group work into my lessons  to improve the students engagement?



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