TDP Project Journal : Reflections on the introduction to the unit

This class really gave me an understanding of the time frame and the scope of the unit.

I need to define an action reearch question which I can submit as my proposal.

My role as a specialist technician has action rsearch project work written into the contract. I am obiligated to assess the environment around me and propose interventions to improve our student and staff experience of the university in regards to learning technology.

In selecting an ssue to direct my action researh intervention I wanted to make sure :

  • I was addressing an issue I believe to be a genuine concern
  • The issue aligns with the work I am already doing in my role at the university
  • The result (if it is useful) can be put to useful application with in the university.
  • The scale of the intervention is right for the TDP project. (So although it must be intergratable it must also be a stand alone)

I’m not too fussed about the video summary element. For me the main issue is finding a good action reearch question that I can get my teeth into and develop solution to.

Getting the question right wil frame the rest of the project, the action and the review.

For this reason, initially I am open as far as the nature of the intervetnion. A few ideas I have identified are :

  • Creation of learning content resource of some kind, making materials to support students in doing something.
  • Administration adjustments – aligning parallel units across the access course I teach on
  • Tutorial adjustments – making time avaialbel to students for support in ¬†different ways (online/open access/workshops)
  • Teaching adjustments – changing the way I deliver my teahing to improve engagement.

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