More teaching reflections… Joker in the pack…

A thought from my classes this week about student / tutor relations.

As I’ve got to know the students a bit more I’ve noticed a familiarity growing between us.

I often try and include the odd joke or opinion to lighten the mood and make students feel at home. I’ve noticed that the students have started to reciprocate with their own observations and comic foot notes.

In general I like this. It feels like an atmosphere conducive to learning. We are all increasingly at ease with each other.

I’m mindful I don’t want to become too familiar or too casual but I think if a good balance can be achieved then good results will flow from this.

I’d be interested to hear other observations and experiences, whether you feel this sort of class banter and a casual learning environment better serves engagement or if a more sterile, formal approach is superior.


One thought on “More teaching reflections… Joker in the pack…

  1. Dear Adam , I think this kind of banter can be a useful tool in working with students. They are all adults and I think a mutual respect can be gained by them seeing a more human side of their tutor. Our job is to get each individual to grow and flourish in their own particular way and in order to do that I think a fertile and creative environment is essential.
    I am friendly with all of my students, but I do make it very clear to them that I am not their friend, I will be assessing them, and a professional distance must be maintained, but the way that they learn and the way they are taught need not be humourless.


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