“Teaching Teaching & Understanding Understanding”

Found this link on Paul Goodwin’s blog to an interesting and relevant film on Constructive Alignment, by Claus Brabrand and Jacob Andersen, titled “Teaching Teaching & Understanding Understanding”

It is an award-winning short-film about teaching at university and higher-level educational institutions. Duration 19 minutes.

Part one : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Ngc9ihb35g

Part two : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcybQlLAV2k

Part three : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggThtInFtnM


2 thoughts on ““Teaching Teaching & Understanding Understanding”

  1. Hi Adam,

    I found these videos REALLY DRY! But they did throw up some pretty weird observations.

    Apparently – according to part one – the ratio of students with the ability to spontaneously use their higher cognitive functions is significantly dropping year-on-year. There are now more students attending university without the natural tendency / ability to apply these higher learning techniques.

    How do you collect data like this?

    Who is enrolling these people onto university courses?

    Who is collecting this data?

    It seems like a bizarre statistic to me, which is conspicuously short of evidence or source referencing.

    Either recruitment is getting it seriously wrong, or the teachers interviewed are making their excuses for poorer pass rates.

    Maybe we can draw comparisons with dyslexia which was only officially recognized as a Special Educational Need in 1993.

    Either way, this piece of information is pretty obtuse in an otherwise straight forward video.


  2. 🙂

    I didn’t find it dry exactly but I guess I was having too much of a good time watching. I thought it was laugh out loud funny at points…

    ‘Observe Robert (spinning infront of a xyz axis) – also a homo sapien – he has the cranial capacity and low sloping brow of a career criminal…’ well ok that’s not quite what they said but it has that sort of tone to the narrative.

    I feel for the guy tbh. He clearly has a hard life, working away in the kitchen, no real prospects. Probably has a couple of kids he has to pay alimony for and never gets to see. A greedy land lord. An embarrassing old sporting injury or a history of insanity in his family looming strongly in his future…

    ‘Now a day’s alarmingly the Robert’s outnumber the Susan’s’ – agreed it’s not really referenced or proved – but there was reference to this in the text too, I think chapter 1, 2 or 3 of B&T probably contain more explanation of where they collated this evidence from – probably going through all the records of students and counting how many got the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ stamps they had on their pages. (I really can’t see how you found it dry Liz – it was so funny!!!)

    I guess what I really liked about it (no seriously I did think it was pretty good for all my mockery) was it’s accessibility – Subtitles, 7 languages, video presentation… compared to the B&T text which was pretty dense and impenetrable (I thought)…

    Ironic really that they are waxing lyrical on how important it is to align your ILO’s with your LTA’s (and ATs) but although their intention in writing the piece is basically to help you understand this more or less straight forward idea(some of the blogs in my group have got it down to a succinct 100 words or so), their proposed learning activity – reading their book – really doesn’t align at all.

    Understand something straight forward and quite common sense IS NOT REFLECTED IN read a protracted academic text…


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